Crack the Shell of Reality!


In this age of technology, the world is accelerating into an increased state of self-awareness, and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to adapt to these changes.

As we venture into unknown territory, it’s  important to preserve our roots, plan for our future. But most importantly, we need to know who we are: as a Person, as a Society, as The World.

To be ready for the trials that are to come, the whole world needs a massive wake-up call.

The whole world is accelerating into the future, and although we have the technology to bring about massive changes, we lack the technology to properly control, monitor, account for, and adapt to these changes.

To use the analogy of a car, it’s like having a 500 horsepower vehicle, but no break pedals. If we were heading towards a precipice, The only way to stop the car in time is to use the emergency breaks,  but to do that @ 100 mph would be suicide.

Fortunately, we are not yet at that precipice– if my calculations are correct we won’t be there for another 5 years. But if we don’t take our feet off the accelerator pedal now, we won’t be able to slow down in time.

That’s what the Epiphany Project is about– waking up the world.

But there are multiple reasons that the world needs to be woken up, and apocalypse resolution is just one of them.

Here are some causes that we stand for:

1. Epiphany Project:

Everyone in the world has nearly unlimited potential, but to actualize it, people must first realize that potential. For everyone to be constantly aware of their potential, and proactively working towards it– that would be a “perpetual epiphany”– the Holy Grail of this project.

2. WuC Studios: 

There’s a world of inspiration out there, and through our work here at WuC Studios we hope to synthesize the most profound levels of creative expression the world has ever witnessed, expanding beyond the boundaries of imagination and the intrinsic limitations of conventional art and media.

3. Crack The Egg:

Everyone has their own reasons for their actions, be them right or wrong. the Epiphany Project seeks to look past the prejudice and bias that most people seem to have, and cuts to the root of the problem: Motivation.

By understanding why people do what they do, instead of trying to judge them by their actions, we are able to work out a solution that is compatible with everyone; instead of being limited to our own biased perspective of things– we can see things from all perspectives, gaining an invaluably accurate understanding of things, empowering us to bring about effective changes.

This initiative is covered by the CrackTheEgg blog.

4. Ego Engineering:

Everyone has the power to change themselves into whatever they want to be– you are what you believe in!

By utilizing the power of self-knowledge, habits, priorities, and self-efficacy to fulfill your dreams, you can be whatever you want to be, and whoever you want to be.

For more information on this initiative, see the Ego Engineering blog.

5. Openness:

As the world becomes more self-aware, how we share information and technology is constantly changing, and we need a platform and business model to better accommodate those changes.

Such a model must be completely open: Open standard, Open source, and freely accessible.

So that we will be able to adapt and keep up with the changes that are to come, we must also be completely honest and open with each other— if we are not, we might not be ready for when the knowing counts.

6. Inspiration:

The current Society in place today is stagnating, being unable to properly adjust to the present state of evolution in the world. As a result, most people are dishonest with each other, unable to admit to the fact that they don’t “fit” in Society, that they’re “only pretending”.

So that we are not left behind as the world accelerates, it’s necessary that we keep ourselves open-minded, well-informed, and active contributers to Society. Remember, you are part of it all, too!

So that we might keep the world fresh and diverse (as it is naturally intended to be), inspiration is an absolute necessity.

Although for me this is more of a personal initiative, I inspire myself and others via my NspyraishN blog.


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  1. A Reader of th3g1vr since 20 Dec 06 said:

    You have always been impressive in your use of words and the English language. Now, it is fun and refreshing to see your writing style excel on and over, the foundation of which you previously employed.

    So you my understand why I always have high expectations of you.

  2. […] soul, Timothy likes to challenge assumptions and question the status quo. You can find his work in The Epiphany Project,  Etherlust, Nspyraisn and Ego […]

  3. […] I started the project, WuC Studios has progressed beyond even itself, becoming a sub-project of the Epiphany Project. We now have several project dedicated to the central aim of waking the world up in one way or […]

  4. […] I started the project, WuC Studios has progressed beyond even itself, becoming a sub-project of the Epiphany Project. We now have several project dedicated to the central aim of waking the world up in one way or […]

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