Crack the Shell of Reality!

There is this common misconception that “New Age” is an ideology. It’s not. It’s a movement, and like all movements, we come from many different walks of life, share different opinions, perspectives, cultures, and values, and this diversity of views enriches our spiritual experiences. New Age philosophy believes in balance between female and male energies. One reason people attack the New Age, is because of the emphasis on developing one’s feminine energies. Detractors have claimed that the New Age movement is trying to suppress masculine energy, and saturate the world with feminine energy.

This is half true: there’s no movement to “suppress” any kind of energy- in fact, the reason why the New Age movement tends to appear so “feminine energy”-centric, is because many New Agers feel that there is too much masculine energy in the world, creating an imbalance, and that is caused by us forgetting our feminine side, and this is the principle reason for the problems in the world. What we need is a balance of energies, and that is what New Age is all about.

It shouldn’t be too hard to grasp this reality, it’s all around you. The history of civilization has been almost wholly dominated by patriarchal/masculine values: aggression, control, dominance, competition, hierarchy, ambition, and selfishness. Feminine values, such as cooperation, liberation, submission, communication, diplomacy, and selflessness have only recently begun to awaken in humanity, and this great awakening is referred to in many New Age circles as “The Age of Aquarius”.

As humanity gains consciousness of its femininity, our reality becomes balanced, allowing us to experience a far fuller appreciation of the world than we could ever experience with a consciousness that is only open to male energy. With both male and female consciousness awakened and blending together in harmony, we are able to truly understand ourselves, each other, and reality in ways that were unimaginable before!

Here is another way to make it easier to understand: male and female energies, just as their sexual counterparts reflect, are two different ways of appreciating the same reality: one out, and one in. Sure, it’s great to put ourselves out there, but projection without underlying meaning is naught by chaos, a mindless struggle. This is what Buddha referred to as “craving”. Female energy is that “meaning” (what we project changes into), to bring purpose and fulfillment to our desires.

To put in another way: philosophically, female energy is the question, and male energy is the answer. When we settle for the answer, without understanding the question, everything becomes absurd (here, I am referring to the existential concept “the Absurd”). But if we, after consciously realizing what the “question” of life is: our hypostasis or “essence”, then we are able to appreciate the “answer” (male energy) in its fullness.

You see, female and male energy aren’t opposed to each other, they compliment each other. One cannot be realized or appreciated without the other, because the question and the answer are really two sides of the same equation of life. To “solve” the equation of life, what is often referred to in the New Age as “enlightenment”, both sides (female and male) must be balanced out. It’s quite logical, actually.

This is the most complex problem of life, but also the most simple. If you really want to see the solution, you need to let go of what you know, and be.

Be reality.


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