Crack the Shell of Reality!

My Utopia

I Want!

To Live

Where All is One, and One is All

No opinions, only Perspectives.

People Cooperate, not just compete

There are no arguments, just Communication

There is no value, only Appreciation

Selfishness and Selflessness are

“different ways of looking at the same thing”

We Realize the Same Energy

All Part of this Cycle of Life

Memories are Treasured, but without attachment

Death is considered the other half of Life

Embraced Openly and without fear

Shadows cling to Light with Love

Night and Day Time’s grand symphony

Living a venturing out, Dying returning back home to tell the Tale

To Speak and to Listen bears no difference, in the End we Understand

Thinking is Knowing is Doing is Understanding is Being

Science is Magic’s empirical Mate

Meditation Reminder to Stay Awake!

Reality Emanating from One Essence

You are I am they are One

My Utopia may seem a Fantastic Ideal

Until you Realize the Truth

This is Our World, Right Now

Life is Beautiful, Precious Pure

Full of Meaning, All Connected

We are One, The Diamond Shines

We Are

Wake Up!


Comments on: "My Utopia" (1)

  1. Chris James said:

    I see what you’re getting at 🙂

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