Crack the Shell of Reality!

In my previous post “Restoring the Flow of a Progressive World” , I explained how that this preoccupation with change and a need for “progress” is causing negativity and suffering in the world, and how the key to making the world a better place isn’t by changing it (as change is destructive and wasteful), but by accepting and appreciating the beauty and positivity of the world as it already is. But this isn’t to imply that change isn’t important. In the aforementioned post I said that change is merely an illusion, a construct of the Ego; however, this phrasing may have caused confusion, as everything we know about the world is built on change. Light can only be appreciated through the shift to darkness, fullness through the cycles of hunger, bliss can only be truly savored when one has previously experienced suffering, and even all the colors of the spectrum of light can only be distinguished from each other because our eyes focus sometimes on some colors, and later on others. The whole of perception is built on change, making it impossible to appreciate anything without the shifts of expression, interpretation, emotion, and even of reality itself….every moment, phase state, clustering of matter, dimensional shift. Change is the powerful force through which appreciation is forged.

So then, why should I speak of change as “a mere illusion”, and furthermore, as “a construct of the Ego”. To understand this, let us first return to the analogy of the river: Imagine that the water of the river is universal consciousness, the rocks are our Egos, and the land is the material (finite) creation we reside in. If there were only, water creation would be completely formless, a condition known as “void”. If there were only land, there would be no flow, and thus no consciousness to appreciate reality. Thus, maximum appreciation is somewhere between void (all water) and separateness (all land); it is through this synthesis of water and land that creation manifests. But notice that, at least in this analogy, change is not necessary for creation. This is where the rocks come in: The rocks in the river obstruct the flow of the water, creating in the water texture, color, sound, and scent. It is through the presence of these rocks that the river is known. So returning to the relationship between consciousness and creation, it is through the interactions between individual Egos and creation that appreciation occurs, and this process of interaction is what we know as “change”.

Change is the process of disrupting creation in order to appreciate it. It is no coincidence that the most disruptive species of the equilibrium of the world since its inception is humans. We are constantly struggling to change the world in order to appreciate it more and more, and we have an addiction to destruction, as more we strike against the flow of reality, the more we can appreciate it. We have a seemingly incurable addiction to the rush of change, wanting to constantly shift to new technology, fashion, possessions, beliefs, paradigms, never wanting to settle, always wanting more and more, new and newer, different and better, ever-dissatisfied with the state of things, continually striving and struggling and fighting for more change. This is why I believe change has become a bad thing, not because there is inherently anything wrong with changing to appreciate, but because humanity has become addicted to change for the sake of change, and this addiction is destroying the very world we appreciate.

In a world where change is valued over balance, and the people seek progress instead of satisfaction, the river has begun to stagnate with rocks growing so large that the flow is not just merely obstructed, but cut off from itself. Change no longer produces appreciation, because we are changing so much so fast that there is no longer a river, but a cesspool of rock-water and swamp. Like mindless zombies, we respond to this plight by wanting to change more. We say “we need to fix this mess by changing it, reforming it, using our technology and knowledge and sophistication to change things for the better”. This is an utterly delusional idea, that you can correct an imbalance with more imbalance, that you can fix a world ruined by too much change, with more change. Returning to the premise of the original post, to restore the flow of the world, we must stop trying to change, things and accept and appreciate the world for what it already is: our reality, and our home.

One cannot achieve peace with war, harmony with discord, or homeostasis with progress. To restore balance to this world, we need to slow down, let go, quiet our minds, release this perception of change, put a stop to this insane addiction to mental stimulation and appreciation, let go of the need to know and control everything, stop everything! Change is striking against the flow that the river may be known, so to purge this destructive paradigm of change from our minds, we need to stop needing to know, let go, and empty our minds. Let the river flow freely within, and overflow throughout the world, free of the destructive influence of an overactive Ego. let the universal consciousness flow freely over and through you, rejuvenating the world naturally. There is no need to change the world to fit your conceptions of “good”, “right”, “beautiful”, or “perfect”, the world is already everything you want it to be, if only you let go, stop trying to control, allow the infinite potential of the cosmos to flow unhindered. The world is already beautiful, wonderful, perfect….you only need but realize it!


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