Crack the Shell of Reality!

Appreciating Oneness

Some people look for peace, harmony and unity in the reality of life. Others look for conflict, discord, and separateness. What I want to realize, is something in between.

Ironically enough, the “something between” I’m referring to is Oneness. Often when people are speaking of Oneness, they think it is the peace, harmony, and unity that comes from realizing we are all One, that separateness is an illusion. However, this is not Oneness– ultimately, this is void. This principle reason why that so many people reject Oneness, is because they think it is referring to “void”, that big blob of energy that is undivided and thus unappreciable. Complete unity is not Oneness though, it is void, and metaphysically speaking, it “doesn’t exist” (as finite expression is prerequisite to appreciable existence).

So let us start with the Chaos-Control construct: Suppose that complete formlessness is Chaos. Absolute Chaos has no form, so metaphysically, it “doesn’t” exist. Conversely, Absolute Control is infinitely fragmented, to the point where not even the smallest particles of energy can be appreciated. So Absolute control “doesn’t exist” either, metaphysically speaking. But if we find “something in the middle” (Creativity, the Balance between Chaos (Void) and Control (Separateness), the resulting Consciousness is Oneness. Thus, Oneness can further be interpreted as “The Creative Consciousness”. It is the maximum potential energy being manifested in an appreciable form.

However, as I had noted in some of my previous work (thoughts on my journey to understanding Oneness), achieving this Balance is not possible, as to understand the “question” more is the understand the “answer” less, and vice versa (compare Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle); furthermore, our material existence limits our ability live in this state of balance, owing to the intrinsic lack of true Balance in the human vibratory state (compare Fibonacci spiral / Golden mean), so it’s not possible to achieve Oneness.

So if Oneness cannot be achieved, what do we do? It is actually a fallacy, the idea of achieving Oneness. To explain this, I will use the analogy of water: There are many different states of water, but the main three are “ice” (material expression), “water” (Oneness), and “vapor” (spiritual expression). Trying to achieve Oneness is like trying to grasp water with your hand: the harder you try to grasp it, the more the water will escape you, until nothing is left.

Oneness cannot be “grasped”, because it is free-flowing and cannot be restricted to individual perception. So rather than trying to achieve Oneness, instead realize that you already have it. The water is already there, with you, it is welling up within you and everyone, we are already One, you only need but realize it.

Furthermore (and this is the fun part), true Oneness is not necessarily finite, not in the perceptual sense anyway. When we have realized Oneness, we appreciate Void (Unity) and Separateness (Discord) as different ways of looking at the same thing, i.e. different vibratory patterns of the same energy. Though people may see things differently, even their differences are part of the same beauty. Unity through Diversity, the appreciation of the separate realities as part of the same Essence, many brothers and sisters from the same All.


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