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Embracing Oneness

(This post was inspired by the wisdom of Liza Persson and Alyssa Del Rosario)

Two years ago, I wrote my first post on Oneness, and without any knowledge or assistance intuitively realized the nature of Oneness and the role of humans in the universe for the first time. This was not an isolated realization though, but the inevitable fruit of me earnestly seeking out my purpose with an open mind over the past 5 years, as described in this post. Even after writing that post, I did not truly realize the meaning of my words, nor did I even in my next major post on Oneness. It was only through the guidance of my dear friend Alyssa Del Rosario that I was able to begin appreciating the meaning of my own words, culminating in a series of revelations about Oneness beginning with “Hidden Knowledge“.

Since then I’ve pursued Oneness fervently, but not wholeheartedly. I have been held back this entire time from realizing Oneness by my own selfishness, because I did not originally intend to realize Oneness- that was not the original plan. I started writing by asking the question, “what is my purpose”, and committed to answering that question with a continuous stream of thought until I had reached the end of the thought; once I had reached the end, I will have realized my purpose, whatever that may be.

That experiment has gone on for the past 5 years, and part of me- the selfish part- didn’t want the experiment to end. I wanted to continue to seek out the truth infinitely and never find it. This paradoxically never-ending search for truth was my original plan, as expressed here:

the majority of [my writing] is dedicated to explaining various concepts- notably relativity, adaptation, theology, philosophy, psychology, reality, and love. So I guess that would give me a “head-start” in my journey towards finding truth (not that it matters much, since I won’t be able to find truth anyway) : – )

Don’t get me wrong, I really did want to find the truth, but I really didn’t think it was possible to find it. At the time I was mostly left-minded (which, considering I’m left-handed, is quite curious!) so the concept of an intuitive understanding of the universe was beyond my comprehension, forget Universe Consciousness! Since I already had rationally determined the impossibility of finding any greater truth than a common ground, I decided to seek out truth with the expectation that I would most certainly never find it! 

So when I did find the truth I was seeking, using the seemingly random intuitive method of continuing the thought (basically the equivalent of playing “whisper down the lane” with myself) you can imagine I was quite surprised, and not pleasantly either. So the first time I discovered Oneness I didn’t accept it, and forgot it. the second time I rediscovered it I still didn’t accept it, and once again forgot. The third time (yup it’s a charm!) I was inspired to revisit Oneness by Alyssa Del Rosario, and this time I could not forget it again, because her wonderful energy and purity had left the imprint of Oneness on my heart. It was then that Oneness was no longer a mere curiosity, but a serious priority!

Since then, I have made it my greatest goal to realize Oneness, but I could not do so because my heart was still divided. While I did want to realize Oneness, I also wanted to do a lot of other things, many of which are expressed in this post. As Liza Persson noticed, none of these things are either my wants or needs, they are actually my material cravings and carnal desires. She was confused by what I meant by “want” and “need”, but I could not adequately tell her, and opted instead to hide my confusion underneath open-ended Freudian jargon. The truth is, I did not want to give these things up for Oneness, so I pretended that my cravings were my legitimate needs, and my desires were my natural desires. I wanted to realize Oneness, but I also wanted to maintain my separateness, so I (my Ego) created wants and needs in a desperate last-stand (a spiritual tantrum of sorts) to reinforce my attachment to the material and carnal reality.

Even though in my limerance for her, I hid my selfish clinging to separateness from Alyssa, her third-eye saw straight through my pretensions, and it became difficult for her to keep her heart open to me, because my spirit of separateness and carnal desires for her were brazen as a shadow on a bright day. The shadow of my separateness was interfering with her unity with God, so she began to distance herself.

But I am thankful she distanced herself, because it was then that I realized the travesty that Separateness is to those that have seen the light. While my darkness may not be as upsetting as the many humans who live completely selfishly, and do not even pursue Oneness, it still casts a nasty shadow that interferes with the perfection of total unity with God. Having understood this, I began to dedicate myself to Oneness again, this time through the guidance of Liza Persson, a truth-seeker like myself who is also on the path to Oneness, and who better understands the intuitive aspect of Oneness that I am only recently learning.

But no matter how much knowledge I acquire, epiphanies I have, or wonderful children of God I surround myself with, I will never realize Oneness until I make it my only priority. As Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” This means that the only thing I should be focusing on is Oneness, and everything else will be fulfilled in the process. This is very important, as it ties into the true nature of Oneness, and of God. The reason I don’t need material cravings or carnal desires isn’t because they aren’t an important part of life- they are- it’s because as the manifestation of God, I have already experienced everything already!

When we experience the material world, it is merely a finite interpretation of the all, a doing of what’s already been done, for the sake of doing it. Basically, the material world is a distraction, an entertainment for the soul. We already know everything and have done everything even before we knew or did, because God is all, and always has been. Life is just an interpretation of the preexisting, in reality nothing has been done that wasn’t already, and nothing has been thought that wasn’t already part of the preexisting thought of God.

In this sense, life on the material plane is just a material expression of the divine, so when we are living life as a materially separate entity from the all, life becomes no more than a cosmic game of “pretend”. We’ve already pretended for an eternity now, isn’t it about time that we free ourselves from this walled garden of life, from the confines of this dream of a finite material reality, and once again embrace the supernatural freedom, unity, and amazing selfless love of Oneness? It’s been a long time coming, probably an eternity for my soul, but I’ve finally decided. I’m ready.


Comments on: "Embracing Oneness" (22)

  1. See that’s what I mean. This oneness concept of yours is a rejection of life, it’s an attempt to escape to some “transcendent” realm that you claim involves freedom but by all description is just the void of chaos. It’s freedom the way that “liberal democracy” is freedom which is to say not at all.

    • Oneness is not escape from reality or rejection of life, it is embracing reality and truly living life. It is the rejecting of a finite reality in favor of the infinite all. Separateness is seeing things only from your perspective, or the perspective of a group, culture, ideology, religion, philosophy, lifestyle, or mindset……and experiencing the unity of diversity in life. It is the realization that life is most meaningful when experienced in full, not merely in part ^_^

      I’m glad we are agree that liberal democracy is not freedom, it is the imposition of the ideals of a group on everyone else. That isn’t freedom, that’s oppression. Oneness is nothing like what you have perceived it to be, I hope you will understand what I mean, in due time 😉

      • And …there is no escaping the imposition of the ideals of a group on others. The question can only ever be which groups.

      • IMO there are not “groups” or “ideals”, these are just constructs of perception. Take away all the discrimination, all the beliefs, all the opinions, all the facts, all the ideas— everything— and when all is stripped away, we are one.

  2. Infinity is like whitenoise. Chaos without form. It’s the finite that gives form to the universe.

    Formlesness is dull and unappealing.

    • I understand what you are coming from, but you’re looking at it from a limited point of view. We are already “finite” having physical bodies, so wouldn’t raising our mental/spiritual consciousness balance out the material (physical/biological) perception? I think that we are already separate in body, so to the contrary, becoming one in mind and spirit would result in maximizing your ability to perceive the world.

      As I explained in “Evolution of my Perception”, Oneness drastically improved my perception of the world in all the ways that you seem to believe it does not.

      When I speak of “Oneness”, I don’t mean formlessness. Oneness is not nothingness (that is called “void”, completely different!); Oneness is the perfect Balance between Void and Separateness.

      That is why when I talk about Oneness, I describe it as “the one” and “the all”. The “all” is the formless void you speak of, whereas “the one” is the finite expression of that void. think of it in terms of Taoism (Ying and Yang)– the negative (void) and the positive (Separateness), they balance each other out to manifest the maximum amount of appreciation. Just as you cannot appreciate light without darkness, you cannot appreciate either the void or the separate self without a mindset that appreciates both all and one fully.

      So yes, infinity is boring and formless, but we already have form and complicated selves, so why not Balance it out through Oneness?

      • Well personally because I think that the notion has political implications that I find antagonistic to my will.

        But that’s a whole other story.

        It’s also because I find the aesthetic forms in which that particular idea (and it is an idea, like any other, and a subjectivity like any other) is promoted to be distasteful.

      • I try my best not to be political in my beliefs, but the past few months I’ve been failing epically in that regard ^_^ I do like your political beliefs though, I think they are unique and (considering your liberal tendencies) surprisingly balanced.

        “the aesthetic forms in which that particular idea…is promoted to be distasteful.” please elaborate, now you got me curious!

  3. When everything is stripped away, there is nothing.

  4. On aesthetics. Well, we have at this particular point in time a large portion of spiritual propaganda promoting various ideas, some of which you seem also to hold, some of which are quite aside, its not a solid thing, very syncreatist, but this notion of a sort of Brahman-Atman thing in whom everyone is one, where people incarnate on earth to learn lessons of some kind (a notion I find quite hillariously absurd but you have not expressed that specific idea as far as I know), and do so again and again until they are finally bored and merge back to this thing (I guess maybe once they have done so they get bored again and the cycle begins again, maybe they even imagine some higher state for when they get bored of that, but then… perhaps this bored godhead could tire even of that). There is a lot of “white light” imagery, and notions of love and peace and such are overplayed and not enough attention is given to the darker side of the human spirit (which imo is just as beautiful) except when it is treated as a study of “the other”.

    That was an awful description on my part I have to say. It’s really hard to get across an aesthetic or what it is attached to since it’s more likely to be a visual rather than a linguistic thing.

    What do you think are my politics?

    • I am in agreement with you on this far more than you realize. to begin with, Oneness is against dualistic systems where “good” and “evil” are differentiated. All of life (and death, the other side of the coin)– all of reality, whether fact or fiction, is embraced fully.

      When we realize we are One, we see that the many different interpretations, perspectives, lifestyles, appreciations, choices…everything is all part of the same beauty. That is what “unity through diversity” means. Reality is One beautiful diamond, and so to appreciate it wholly, we must recognize, understand, and embrace all the different facets of that diamond, in order to see its beauty. All the different interpretations and ways of life, are just different facets of the same diamond.

      Peace, Love, and Unity are only some of these facets, so there is no way I would limit myself to them. What we need to do is learn to appreciate as many of the facets as possible, and reconcile them with each other, as facets of the same Diamond. No one is beautiful apart from reality. It is only in reality that anyone or anything is beautiful or meaningful. This is the essence of Oneness.

      Well, I am only reading into them now, but I especially enjoyed your analysis of the middle class, and the upper class. While I don’t agree with your faith in the aristocracy (though I’m sure Plato would!), I do think that understanding people’s motivations, and the effect of money/power on people’s integrity, is definitely something worth studying more.

      Your perspectives on these matters are fresh and new to me, and inspired me to look into it a bit more 😉 btw, did you get my Google+ notification?

      • No I didn’t.
        Also my comments on the other threads appear not to be getting through. I am unsure why.

        To say I have faith in aristocracy is a bit… eh, well especially the ones we have now. That analysis was more of archetypes than reality. Reality is always messier than all that. Especially in the Kali Yuga 😛

      • I will check the spam queue to see if you got marked spam for some reason. I don’t know what the Kali Yuga is either, I have much to learn. and as far as your beliefs are concerned, I think it’s reasonable that I will have to read a lot more of your writing, and have a lot more discourse with you, to solidify my understanding of them.

      • And what is it that the more liberal modern hindu’s say. A man is not a Brahmin because he is born a Brahmin, a man is a Brahmin because he acts as a Brahmin.

        To some extent that is true, but it’s not really. A man is a Brahmin because he has the qualities of a Brahmin, which he may well have *because* he was born a Brahmin 😉

      • I believe in reincarnation in the more abstract sense (the evolution of the soul, manifested in the evolution of the body (and vice-versa), and my beliefs about this are well-developed. But as far as the specifics of the actual reincarnation process is concerned, I don’t know much about it. I don’t think it’s even relevant unless you have the need to recall past lives, which is at least in modern times something of a rarity 😉

  5. My comment didn’t have anything to do with reincarnation.

  6. I was using it as a metaphor for aristocracy in general.

    The idea that someone is noble because they act in a noble manner is absolutely correct.
    But that doesn’t mean that the son of a peasent is as likely to be noble as the son of a nobleman.

    The acceptance of fluidity of category is not the same as a statement of equality between categories.

    • Not sure exactly what you mean, but I do think it’s important to understand class dynamics when assessing someone’s character 😉

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