Crack the Shell of Reality!

Realizing Oneness

One of the most unique things about Oneness is that unlike the mainstream understanding of enlightenment, Oneness isn’t achieved, it’s “realized”. While this distinction may seem like semantics for most people (and it most certainly is for those limited to the human perception of reality!), it’s important for those seeking Oneness to understand this distinction: that we cannot achieve that which we already have.

Oneness is not about becoming One with God, it’s about realizing that we already are One. Realizing that we are One is the single most important epiphany that one can ever have, as such a realization is the very purpose of life itself. The continual realization of Oneness is for this is the ultimate goal of the Epiphany Project, and doing so manifests the epitome of the Epiphany Project: a continuous and never-ending epiphany!

When we realize that we are One, it gives a whole new meaning to life. Rather than striving for perfection, we manifest the perfection we already have, rather than working to liberate oneself, we realize that we already are free, and rather than working to improve oneself, we are actualizing the substance of an already-complete all. Oneness is not about improving who we are, it’s about changing the way we think to resonate with the already complete all that we as One consummate through life. Oneness is a paradigm shift that liberates our perception of reality from the distorted and limited confines of separateness (i.e. human perception), to a complete consciousness that resonates with the all.

We already are perfect, we already are free, we already are One with God (the all), we only need but realize it! This cosmic realization of everything we are, and the liberating consciousness of embracing the all, that is what life is really about. This is the essence of Oneness.


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  1. we are.

    Change your thoughts,

    Change your world.

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