Crack the Shell of Reality!

True Love

For the past five years I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of truth, and become obsessed with finding a meaningful purpose in life. Last year, I have finally found this purpose, the irony of which is that it had nothing to do with me, or my individuality. For my purpose is your purpose, and your purpose ours, and it has nothing to do with any of us as individuals. What I found is Love, and it transcends the diversity of separateness, and unites us as a whole. 2011 was an exciting year for me, as it marked the beginning of a spiritual journey that would truly revolutionize my life.

Up until a few months ago, I was selfish, my every thought and value and choice a reflection of that selfishness. Even when I helped people, it was only for my own gratification, and though I felt myself happy enough, I was haunted by dissatisfaction and inner-loneliness. What I did not realize, until recently, is that the ridding of my suffering could not be done through mere acquisition of knowledge– I needed to change the very way I looked at the world! I understand now how important it is that my every thought, perception, and action be motivated by selfless love; only through selfless love can anything I do be meaningful. True love conquers all selfishness, and ultimately unites us all. I am now blessed with such a love!


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  1. I have as well, minus the obtaining the selfless love.

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