Crack the Shell of Reality!


One particular quality I am sorely lacking in, and one is becoming increasingly necessary for me to learn, is humility. Humility is a necessary quality for one wanting to bring about real change in the world, because without humility there is no understanding; humility is where it all begins. To lead you must follow, to be extraordinary you must first be ordinary, to revolutionize the world you must first embrace it. The whole world, everything you need, it’s all there. The knowledge, the wisdom, the application, the insight, the whole of reality there for you to take in, apply, impart to others. But to truly understand any of it you must let go of yourself and all your preconceptions about what it all means, let it all go so that you take in the pure beauty of it all, and effectively utilize to continue the evolution of an already beautiful world.

The most important aspect of humility is the recognition that nothing in this world is original. If you don’t realize that your thoughts are not original, than in your ignorance you will live out someone else’s dreams, unwittingly accomplishing nothing but proving yourself to be a slave to your own ignorance. Nothing you have done has not already been done before, and until you realize this you will continue to be a slave to the past. Knowledge of the lack of originality in this world is key to bringing about true change, because true change isn’t the attempt to forge an original reality, true change is the evolution of the reality that was already there to begin with.

Instead of foolishly trying to collect knowledge to try to prove something, to try to make a point or impose some self-righteous system of reality that you feel is “right”, let go of your Ego, let go of your mind, let go of everything. Then you will realize that everything’s already there. The whole world is there, the knowledge is there, the secrets are there, the love and the beauty all there. The whole spectrum of emotion, and even beyond what us mere humans could understand, all that potential is within, suppressed only by our own misguided Egos. Let go of your pride and preconceptions about how things “should” be, and just let the natural reality unfold, in all of its natural glory, purity, beauty.

Humility is the beginning of God.


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