Crack the Shell of Reality!

God’s Family

For those seeking to transcend their Egos and become One with God, one of the most difficult things to give up is earthly attachments, and of those, the most difficult by far is more emotionally-charged attachments such as lovers, friends, and family. The reason for this difficulty, is that our desire to have friends, family, and romantic relations, and to at some point start a family of our own, is both reinforced into our environmental conditioning, and hardcoded into our DNA. So not only are we conditioned to want these things, but even without that conditioning all our instincts point to the “necessity” of maintaining our existing families, and starting our own one.

However, even these hardcoded desires are just the corrupted form of a more pure family that our souls long for. We need family, yes, but the desire to start one is not actually a longing for our own family (as our Egos would have us believe), but rooted in the necessity for us to join our real family, something that can only be done by transcending our Egos and return (like a prodigal son) to a state of Oneness, which is the only true family.

While I know that my desires for a corporeal family is a misconception of “family” created by my Ego, it seems that despite my lack of attachment to my existing family, I have become attached to my future one. I need to understand that any kind of identification will always present a flawed perception of things, because the origin is in the Ego.

Because all are my brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, friends, to try to produce my own kin would be either out of ignorance that all are one, or of separateness to try to reproduce what God has already given me, given all.

The all-transcending nexus of Oneness with God, which can only be accomplished after giving up all attachments and loving everyone unconditionally and without the favoritism of identification, is what true family really is. This tangible family that I have so longed for– it is but a distorted image of God’s family, and completely pales in comparison to the amazing infinite love of Oneness!


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