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Understanding Impulses

“In His Nature” explains how although indulging oneself can be a good thing, most of the time the gratification is not of your true self, but of the false image created by environmental and genetic conditioning. So when you feel the desire to sexually gratify yourself, seek romance or wealth, be socially accepted, or start a family, it may very well be that it is not “you” that wants these things, but your Ego that has been corrupted by an environment of separateness; because everyone is born into a selfish world, it’s quite likely that you have been infected by such selfish desires, which is why it’s vital that you purify yourself with the light of God, the light which can only come from Oneness through Selfless Love.

However, the impulse itself is not inherently the product of conditioning (pure desire is after all unconditioned by its very nature), but of a need of your true self, the energy of which can only be expressed by channeling itself through your Ego. So when you have a selfish desire, remember that the desire only surfaced because there is something that your true self needed to be provided, although due to your conditioning it’s usually lost in translation.

So how do you know when your impulses are rooted in a genuine need? There is actually a very reliable piece of “evidence” you can use to determine when this is the case, and it is very simple and common to everyone: Escapism. That is, when you desire sex, it may be rooted in emotional insecurity, when you want to go on a shopping spree, it may symbolize a battle between your desire for spirituality and your Ego’s defensive materialism. The latter is particularly of concern to those in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, because as we transform ourselves from a cravings-motivated caterpillar into a spiritually liberated butterfly (metaphorically speaking), our Ego is so infected with selfishness, that it will eat away at all our attempts to transcend it, should we let it.

Because selfishness-motivated escapism is how we came to be separate from God in the first place, it is only natural that the symptoms of spiritual needs should be evidenced by escapism. So when we see such impulses consuming us, we should instead of haphazardly seeking to fulfill those “needs”, take the opportunity to slow down, analyze why we need those things, and understand what are true self’s needs really were.

By utilizing these cravings as an opportunity to understand one’s true self, instead of instantly gratifying the superficial conditioned form of those desires, we can sublimate all of our creative energy into spiritual growth, which is far more beneficial than the temporary alleviation of merely fulfilling superficial cravings.


Comments on: "Understanding Impulses" (3)

  1. […] even these hardcoded desires are just the corrupted form of a more pure family that our souls long for. We need family, yes, but the desire to start one is […]

  2. Define corrupted. What corrupted them?
    The hardcoded desires are most likely to help you survive in the only world we know for certain exists, and science is even now showing we may not even perceive in a way that our intuitive understandings are as valid as we once thought they were.

    Please define.

  3. “Define corrupted. What corrupted them?”

    I don’t believe anyone corrupted our desires, they were corrupted to begin with; in other words, it is in our nature to be corrupt. The Bible refers to this as “original sin”, and my own explanation is the the karmic price of appreciation is corruption (to appreciate you must set limits by which to perceive, and thereby giving up the perfection of the all). I elaborate this (and my definition of corruption) in various posts, like this one:

    “Science is even now showing we may not even perceive in a way that our intuitive understandings are as valid as we once thought they were.”

    Yes, and the same cognitive bias you speak of applies even more to science, the understanding of which is itself dependent on unprovable axioms that originated from that same intuition.

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