Crack the Shell of Reality!

Evolutionary Character

As products of a pattern, we all have an evolutionary character, in that while we are the same person, the form in which we project ourselves is continually changing. The identity in this sense is an illusion, the utilitarian merits of which are self-identification/autonomy (individualism) and societal solidarity (collectivism). In reality, we are not the same person we were a year, a month, a day, or even a moment ago, even though we might identify as such.

The particularly interesting part of us, is that while the body (our physical container) and the soul (our spiritual container) is continually changing and evolving, the spiritual energy, or “Consciousness” that fills the soul– it never actually changes, because it was infinite to begin with; such energy only appears to be finite because it is because contained by the soul.  Thus we are both dynamic and static simultaneously, with spiritual energy itself remaining static by virtue of an infinite nature, the soul trying in vain to manifest the infinite needs of this energy in finite form, and the body serving as the container onto which the soul projects the resulting corruption.

Knowing the nature of spiritual energy, and its relationship to our souls and the bodies they inhabit, inspires the contrast between those who live corrupt (physically-satisfying) lives, and those who live pure (spiritually-satisfying) lives.Whether or not we should choose one or the other (or something in-between) is not a question of right or wrong, but a question of suffering versus happiness.

Because life is built upon a pattern (the original of which is the Universal Consciousness), we can say that everything and everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be right now. I was supposed to be born into an imperfect body controlled by an imperfect body, and souls became corrupted because it was God’s will for them to be. Furthermore, just as the same pattern that birthed corruption has compelled a return to spiritual purity, we can be certain there will inevitably be another return to corruption, and all of these things are God’s will.

So if we are to choose to be pure or choose to be corrupt, we must first recognize that as a part of God, our decisions are the projection of God’s character, and that there is no right or wrong decision. What path we take then becomes a matter of what is objectively best for us, which in turn is best for God, of whose character we were born. The reason why Oneness is “better” is not because it is morally superior to selfish autonomy (God has no morality to begin with), but because Oneness makes for a happier, more positive, and more efficient (in every sense of the word) universe.

We are of an evolutionary character, yes. The prevailing evolutionary trend does seem to be autonomy, selfishness, and corruption. But while there is no intrinsic error in the ways of those that partake in and condone lives built on these traits, it really is counterproductive. Sometimes to evolve into greater beings, we have to go back instead of forward; indeed, while the world we live in thrives off of self-corrupting choices, a return to the simplicity of selfless love and humility is the only means we have to transcend ourselves.


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