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Boundless (part 2)

As my spiritual friend has helped me to realize, even though we are only part of God, we are infinite parts, just as God is infinite. It may seem like a paradox (because it is!), but just think of us like irrational numbers: our nature and purpose can be identified, represented, and even made use of, and yet our exact value cannot be determined. We are indeed finite (in that we are merely part of God), but just as God’s value is immeasurable, so is our value, as as infinite part of the infinite God.

It’s easier to understand this if we think of God like a fractal. He starts branching out infinitely, but with a clear pattern in mind, and at first he seems to be predictable, but before we know it the details of the pattern become so fine and so complex, that they extend beyond the boundaries of our comprehension:

In this sense, we are both infinite and finite at the same time: our container (that which represents, appreciates, and defines us) is finite, by the very nature of its purpose. But if we take away the container, then we are no different than God. I tried my very best to explain this phenomenon in “Idealism“, and was able to further elaborate in “Spiritual Energy” and “The Sound of Music“, but I have fallen short because, I humbly must admit, I had no idea what I was talking about, just as I still don’t know. The concept of the infinite energy of God inhabiting the finite container of my body and willingly entrapped in an inherently close-minded Ego– I can barely comprehend it, much less begin to really elaborate on it.

So let’s just simplify it: I am God, you are God, we’re all God, and the reason why we’re all having some much damn difficulty using our God-like powers, only the reason why we aren’t infinitely powerful, infinitely knowing, infinitely present, and infinitely loving, it’s because these limiting bodies, and the distracting desires that come with us, are preventing us from manifesting all our awesome powers.

We aren’t just part of God, we are God, and if these bodies are preventing us from manifesting our godliness, let’s get rid of them! It’s suicide time! Only joking 😉 You see, while the container is the cause of this God-suppression issue we have going on, we don’t have to ditch the bodies to become one with God.

In fact, because our souls have become quite corrupted by the bodies we’ve been living in all this time, offing yourself wouldn’t really solve anything, because all that residual foreign matter that’s been exchanged between your soul and body is still causing issues, and you’re soul’s just going to be reborn in a new body anyway, to purge all the residual crap from the past life. To fix these problems, you have to live a life of purity and selfless love, so as to cancel out the negative karma that your body has been wreaking on your soul in past lives.

So how can we free our souls from bodily corruption, since suicide seems to not work out so well? By not identifying with the body, for one. Your body may exist as a container, but if you stop identifying with your body and mind as part of who you are, then you get much closer to your innate godliness. By not identifying with the barriers that separate you from God, you weaken the forces that have corrupted and crippled your soul, setting your soul free to become one with God.

Another thing you can do is out of body experiences, i.e. astral projection. This can be done via meditation, immersion, or prayer. By letting go of who you are, your expectations of your environment, and all perceived limits or identifications of your reality, you are freeing your soul up to become One with God– to a great extent, you effectively become God in the process.

What is perfection? We all have our own definitions, and who’s to say which is right. But until we start putting limits on what perfection is– who and what we are, God is– boundless.


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