Crack the Shell of Reality!

Living Right

The pursuit of Selfless Love is hard, especially when the world we are enveloped in is so negative and selfish. If we could live our lives surrounded only by loving, caring, and kind-hearted individuals, or at the very least sustain an existence where I could have all the alone time we could ever want– just you, nature, and God– wouldn’t that be wonderful? But alas, we live in reality, and life isn’t quite that easy– at least not in the beginning. But then again, if enlightenment were that easy, that convenient, where would be the fun, the challenge, the spiritual growth?

Truth be told, that’s just me trying to be an optimist. I’m sure that anyone could become enlightened the easy way, given the proper resources. And I’m sure that even for those that don’t have the resources, that if we trust in God, he will provide everything we need to survive. But even if I know this to be true, lifelong habits die hard, and a stubbornly independent nature even harder, so any attempts to try to trust in God to provide it all for me, is just going to fall short as a half-assed attempt. I gotta pay my karma first, and get these habits fixed, or at the very least cancelled out. I’m sorry God for not giving it all right now, but I’m sure you can understand how hard it is to have a connection with you, when I’m never ever had a real connection with anyone– not to my knowledge anyway.

But this post isn’t about trust– that one’s right here. No, this is about living life right. So what does that mean, “right”? I’m not talking about ethics, that social function that gives life a sense of predictability, or what I refer to as “applied morality”. When I say “right”, I’m talking about making the world a better place, the bare minimum of which is the “leave the campfire better than you found it” mentality. I’m referring to living your life in such a way that benefits, rather than take away from the quality of life in the world as a whole.

For example, let’s say I had an opportunity to work at McDonald’s. I would make minimum wage (which in California is $8/hour), which some might say is unacceptable, but in today’s world of luxury, that’s plenty to live on– heck, I could happily live on $1/hr. if I had to. Housing? Just a convenience, far from necessary. A car? more likely to kill me than all the other types of accidental deaths put together; it’s a convenience that’s even less worth it. A cell phone? Even if I needed it, I can get by on free texting and phone calls available via Google Voice over free WiFi. We live in a world where a person can live in relative luxury with no money at all.

But would I work at McDonald’s? Absolutely not! Why do you ask? Because I know that McDonald’s food does nothing good for the world (and a whole lot of bad!), that the corporations are corrupt and promote huge profit margins for the higher ups, while impoverishing their workers. But most importantly, because there are almost no loving or selfless people working at McDonald’s– they are an unhealthy environment that breeds selfishness and negativity.

The same goes for virtually every other service job in the area– actually, nearly every job in the world is run by selfish, unloving people, populated by selfish, unloving people. Even homeless people are predominantly selfish– I know, because I have lived with them, hung out with them, drank and ate with them. If you believe that the homeless guy is just going to spend the money you give them on drugs, alcohol, marijuana, and cigarettes, then you are absolutely right, in almost all cases. Even the purest of homeless people are like this. I was homeless once, but I quit because I could not escape the selfishness there, even as I cannot escape it where I am now.

You can’t get a job free of selfish people– well maybe you can, but the odds are against you. So you’re going to have to either make up a start-up business, populated by people seeking a life of selfless love and to make the world a better place, or do it on your own.

Fortunately, a selfish world results in a lot of needy people, so you will never run out of jobs to do, or people to support. That’s the beauty of giving it all away for free– there are always people to appreciate your work, and many of those people are even willing to financially support you in some small way, to ensure that you can continue the good work. There are all sorts of low-overhead ways to contribute to the world– we have computer software, graphic design, database structuring, grassroots efforts, investigative journalism, blogging, novel writing, poetry, CGI, electronic music (or any other kind of music, if you can buy the initial equipment), Computer-aided drafting, and so many other forms of giving. There’s a whole economy based on the concept of giving without expecting anything in return, in fact!

I really don’t mind working for a company like McDonald’s, not in and off itself anyway. I’ve worked for food service companies before, and they’re really not that bad. But why settle for the blood money of petty selfishness, when I can do so much more to make the world a better place through my commitment to selfless love? I think I’d rather be homeless, hungry, and battered up– living a selfless love– than gain the luxuries of a selfish life, at the expense of living life right.


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