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The Function of the Ego

In our passion to live a life of humility and selfless love, one’s personal Ego tends to get in the way of things, and sometimes we wish that stupid Ego, and all its worthless pride and pesteringly selfish needs, would just go away. But God gave us this Ego to us for a reason, and to resent our Ego is completely missing the point, and really serves no meaningful purpose. We should love ourselves just as we love God, and our the lives we lead should be the manifestation of the alignment and union of our own desires, with those of God’s. The greatest selfishness and the greatest selflessness is really one and the same, because Oneness through Selfless Love is the greatest happiness anyone could ever desire.

So what is the function of the Ego? To understand this, we must first consider what a person would look like, both as an individual living only for himself, and as one with the Universe: As a single facet of the diamond that is life, we are supposed to be incomplete and imperfect as individuals, so that we might only be perfect when we are One with the rest of the Universe. By letting go of the need to be self-sufficient, we can part of something far more beautiful than we could ever create alone.

Put simply, our Ego is incomplete, imperfect, and selfish so that we might appreciate the perfection and selflessness than only comes through Oneness with God. This pattern is deliberately built into all of creation, so that we might be both perfect (through Oneness) and imperfect (through our Ego) simultaneously; our greatest challenge and most fulfilling ideal is to find and maintain the Beauty that can only be found in the Balance between perfection and imperfection. Because of our Ego, we will never be perfect, but we are always perfect through Oneness, as complete union with God allows us to transcend our Egos.

The key to making the most of your Ego, to recognize the importance of your Ego (beautiful and inspiring as a facet of the whole diamond, but dark, flat, and limited by itself), while at the same time not identifying with it. By understanding that your Ego is an important part of yourself, but also recognizing that this importance is only relevant as an incomplete part of the whole, you are able to love your Ego not for its individual merits (there are none), but for your Ego’s unique value as part of the whole of everything.


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  1. […] perspective, one could say that we are finite parts of the infinite whole; as I put it in “The Function of the Ego“, “As a single facet of the diamond that is life, we are supposed to be incomplete and […]

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