Crack the Shell of Reality!

Channeling Obsession

Even though I may not look like it, I have an obsessive nature– in fact, I can be so obsessive it’s scary! But in the past few years, I had cut that part off from me, because my inability to properly channel it was leading me to be self-destructive, and so to restore my mental equilibrium (calm my mind), I cut myself off from all obsessions, and elected to live a life of moderation.

But now I know how to channel my obsessive energy, and furthermore, I know that as one of the core attributes of my true character, that I must be obsessive if I am to be successful. To accomplish my objectives, I must completely dedicate myself to them, foregoing relationships, pleasures, and even food and drink in the pursuit of what I know to be right, and in the attainment of what I know I must be to fulfill my purpose.

For me, I am never truly alive until I’m putting everything on the line to accomplish something– that kind of exhilarating madness. When I am sacrificing everything else to reach my potential as a person– that’s when I’m truly alive as a person. So now, once again, I’m going all in– only this time, I know what I a want: Oneness through Selfless Love, True Communication, and Inspiration. The accomplishment of all three of these things, is the fulfillment of my potential, and may every breath I take be for the purpose of these things.


Comments on: "Channeling Obsession" (2)

  1. how did u do it..? how did u take ur mind off some things and concentrate on the other..?

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