Crack the Shell of Reality!

The Importance of Humility

If there’s one thing in my life that I am lacking in, it’s humility– which, as I partially demonstrated in my post Knowledge Optimization, has proven itself to be a severe detriment to the manifestation of my inner potential. I have always known that I was capable of great things– even supernatural things– but this knowledge has ended up short-changing me “in reality”, much in the same way that uplifting drugs (such as marijuana) have deprived so many other people of truly living life: because I already felt as if I accomplished so much, my motivations– my resolve to manifest my purpose– everything stagnated into the ashes of an unburned flame, as I satisfied myself not with what I had accomplished or would accomplish, but with the “not-and-say-I-did” petty satisfaction.

But what I didn’t realize, is that it doesn’t matter how much I accomplish, or even the nature of my accomplishments. What I do is, after all, merely the container for the development of my character; as such, what really determines the level of Self-Efficacy in one’s life, is the nature of one’s motivation, direction, and resolve. In my own life, I have finally been able to realize these things. My motivation is Oneness through Selfless Love, my direction is Inspiration, and my resolve is Virtue through Humility.

I have already started my journey, and my direction was clear to me from the very beginning, but in order to finally manifest my potential as a beacon of God’s glory, I must develop the inner-virtue that can only come from complete humility; only then can I muster the self-discipline necessary to consummate the great plans God has for my life. Every teacher must first be a student, each king first a servant– so must I strive for greatness in complete humility, compassion, and selfless love.


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