Crack the Shell of Reality!

Virtue vs. Utility

Now that I’ve mustered my resolve to live a Selfless life, I’m proceeded to the next stage, which is “Design”; whereas initially I had to focus my inner light upon the true objectives of my heart (which I learned was Communication, and later on that True Communication can only be accomplished through the Oneness that emanates from Selfless Love), now I must develop the patterns through which these objectives will be accomplished– the means to the ends, in other words.

In deciding these means, the most important consideration is the Virtue of Utility– that is, the most straightforward, pure, and efficient means of achieving my goals. Here I must learn to balance morality with utility, and decide which path to manifesting the inner light within is the best. I have no pride interfering with the means I choose, but I am limited by my conscience, the inner guide that reminds me to not further my own goals at the expense of the well-being of others. I also commune with God now each day to ensure that the path that I am taking, and am preparing to take, is in accordance with the will of the Universe, and is pure and selfless in nature.

In weighing in the balance morality and utility, I for example, must (with the guidance of God) determine the merits and infirmities of certain means of making money, especially since I have at my disposal relatively limited resources. I can panhandle, make money off the Internet, sell my body, produce documentaries, become a computer programmer/technician, get a regular job, write novels, become a model, or (and this proposition seems most promising!) gain commission off of collecting signatures for various political campaigns. There are many many more means are acquiring money, but all of them have financial limitations and liabilities, and all of them are professions in which I am prone to be selfish.

In choosing my profession, which will be my means to accomplishing long-term objectives, I must be careful to choose the one that will provide most benefit to other people while still contributing to my long-term objectives; It is necessary that these long-term objectives be properly accounted for, as they are the defining principles of my purpose. That is, while Oneness is my motivation, the pattern building upon that motivation (my purpose) is of communication, inspiration, and a revolutionary kind of leadership; for the fulfillment of this pattern, certain prerequisites are a necessity, the prime of which are financial resources.

In deciding the profession that will jumpstart my objectives in both the short and long-term, I must carefully balance between the intrinsic virtue of the given path, and the utilitarian value of it. Finding and initiating a pathway that satisfies both the Virtue and Utility it encompasses– this will be the next great challenge to be overcome.


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