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In my search for balance, unity, and true purpose in my life, I have finally found an answer, and a simple one at that: selflessness. So why is it that selflessness is so essential to a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life? Logic would, after all, imply the opposite, and I have in much of my previous writing demonstrated how individuality is absolutely essential for one to have meaning in their life. But in my reliance on logic to find spiritual answers, I had again missed the point, this time through identification.

You see, by identifying with “meaning in life”, I thought that in order for life to be meaningful, I would have to derive meaning that is unique to me. But as I discovered, this is a ludicrous presumption, as I am individually but an insignificant piece of the puzzle, and an infinitesimally small facet of the Gem that is the Universe. Just as a diamond cannot sparkle magnificently without the reflections of all of its facets, my contributions alone are meaningless by nature, as they can only be appreciated or be made complete when brought together with the rest of the diamond, by becoming one with the Universe.

I once said that everyone is selfish, and that there was nothing anyone can do about it; in my self-righteous candidity, I declared all who claimed to be truly selfless to be liars and fools, and that those of us who were honest about our selfishness, to be the most honest (and thus, most virtuous) of beings. I was half right: I was selfish, and a great deal of people who claim to be selfless are (or have been) selfish.

But candidness about selfishness is no more a virtue than an alcoholic’s recognition about his addictions a cure for alcoholism. It is merely the first step: acknowledgement of one’s sin. But the big mistake I made here, is that I said that true selflessness was impossible. It was this philosophical mishap that nearly destroyed the next couple years or so of my life.

In my post “The Corruption of Perfection”, I recognized that neither Spiritual nor Natural forces are evil inherently; evil is caused by imbalance. But to properly navigate one’s life so as to avoid imbalance, we must have a compass by which to recognize the difference between good and evil. That compass, is selfishness. Put simply, if your motivation for an action is ultimately for yourself, then the action is evil, because your motivations were evil.

The reason why selfish motivations makes your actions evil is, of course, because they are actions motivated by your intention to willfully separate yourself from the Universal Consciousness– that is, to separate yourself from God. Conversely, if your actions are selfless in their motivations, and even better, if your actions are motivated by your desire to serve your purpose as One of the All (i.e. a facet of the diamond), then your actions are good, because you are being motivated by your desire to become and remain one with God, and to live a life that reflects that Oneness.

Think about the respective consequences of Selfishness and Selflessness: If there is a war, it is caused by identification, possessiveness, expectations, greed, hatred, fear– many many possible causes, but can you think of a single cause that isn’t ultimately rooted in selfishness? In the same way, you will see that promiscuous sex, cigarettes, alcohol, addictions of all kinds….divorce, relationship breakups, jealousy….violence, murder, torture, pedophilia, rape– think of every evil thing there is, and see if you can find one that isn’t ultimately selfishly motivated! Or just take my word for it– every evil thing in this world is motivated by selfish desires!

Conversely, think of every good thing in this world…then think of all of the genuinely good things in this world. The kind of good things people do that no one expects, that leads to saving lives, making the world a better place, community service of all kinds.

Have you ever seen selflessness do anything but good? Is it really a coincidence that both evil and selfishness are the dominant forces in this world? I think not! Evil and Selfishness go hand in hand, so if you want to live a pure life of good, and to genuinely make the world a better place, be sure that your motivations are purely selfless, as much as possible! Even though the majority of the world may still live selfishly, living for their own Ego, personal pleasure, individual agenda, and self-righteous conceptions of life, it only takes one person, one day at a time, to make the world a better place.

By living a selfless life, regardless of what selfishness may surround you, you will be shining your beacon of light upon the world, thereby exposing the shadows of sin that surround everyone, so that they too may see the error of their ways, and also strive for a life of Oneness through Selfless Love!


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