Crack the Shell of Reality!

Battle of Wills

As I first began to recognize in my post “Figure.09“, what I want out of life is extremely conflicted, and even who I am is confusion-ridden by nature. In the past few years, I have lived out several lifetimes, and created for myself a myriad of destinies. I have created many different systems of right and wrong, and developed for myself many different Egos, different natures, and even different self-images. Each will I have created adds yet another layer of my identity, and (in the grand scheme of things) contributes immeasurably to my self-evolution.

But as grand is this all may sound, this forced-evolution, and the conglomeration of conflicting wills that compromise it, has the karmic price of psychological stagnation; the reason for this is (both ironically and naturally) self-inherent. Put elegantly, the contradiction inherent in this fragmentation of the various Egos that compromise me, end up perpetuated at Battle of Wills in which my various selves cancel each other out, which in turn cancels me out (and by extension, my life out) as a result.

In search of a more utilitarian approach (as utilitarian philosophy is optimized for making efficient use of multiple roles within the same equilibrium), I eventually came to understood the concept of Oneness. What is important here is why I chose Oneness: I did not choose Oneness because it is right– this would be (should I have foolishly relied on it) a foolish logic to begin with, as morality is either conditioned (objective) or uncertain (subjective), and both of these means of gauging the more utilitarian approach being unreliable at best.

Oneness, however, is morally ambiguous in that it not even relevant whether it is right or wrong (and in some senses it might more accurately been considered completely right and completely wrong); rather, Oneness is the best course of action because it is the only course of action that can avert the Battle of Wills inherent not only in my life, but in the lives of most people; after all, everyone still living a “human” existence is by human-nature double-minded, and continually struggles over the various wills that influence their lives, and (ultimately) cancel them out too, just as they have mine.

Because Oneness is Selfless by nature, we can (through Oneness) be free of all of our wills, and the battles thereof, because for the Selfless one there is no individual will, nor even a collective will– just the will of all of creation, of which you (and I) will have already become One with!


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