Crack the Shell of Reality!


Throughout my life, I have constantly changed my career pathway, my belief system, my goals, my dreams, and even my heart’s desires. I’ve always been very indecisive, especially when it came to the big important things, and I would always inevitably be plagued by self-induced FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) over the consequences of my actions, the validity of my beliefs, and the purity of my motives. Never in my life before have I done anything whole-heartedly, because every time I ever tried to dedicate myself to anything, be it a book, a religion, a job, a lifestyle, or a girlfriend, there was always something missing– some piece of the puzzle preventing me from fully dedicating myself to any given thing. This something missing, which leaves a deep gap of loneliness, confusion, and FUD within me, has prevented me from truly living life, and even from being true to myself as a person.

I’ve spent the last 5 years searching to fill this existential gap within me, through writing, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality– making use of every resource I had at my disposal to uncover the truth of my spiritual cancer. I have close to 3,500 pages worth of self-analytic writing dedicated to this pursuit. But with each blog post I wrote, and each new piece of knowledge I accumulated, it was just another disconnected piece of the puzzle, with each answer I found spawning with it more questions. The more I wrote, the more that I knew, but the more lost I became as a result.

Now I’ve found the answer I’ve been looking for– the epiphany that put together all the pieces of the puzzle of my life, my purpose, and the meaning of the universe– the answer to everything, and it’s unbelievably simple: Oneness Through Selfless Love. Everything makes sense now, and I also understand why that I wasn’t able to realize the truth until now: I was too prideful, and too selfish. I wanted to solve all the problems on my own– come up with original ideas and break-through solutions, and take all the credit for myself. I arrogantly strove to achieve God-like status and perfection, not realizing that godliness can only be achieved with complete humility and selfless love. It was not until I recognized the need to shed away my human Ego and selfishness, and I finally realized my true purpose and, by extension, the only path to true happiness.

Altruism, a lifestyle dedicated to demonstrating selfless love and a caring heart for all of creation, is the only way to truly be happy. So that I can be true to myself and my spiritual calling, I must cast away my imperfect human Ego, and my sinful need to assert individuality and self-worth, so I can truly appreciate what it means to be one with all of creation, and ultimately, to be one with God.

To love myself is to love all, and to love all is to love myself, but now I understand what true love really is! Love is not about possessiveness, or investments, or emotions, or sex– all of these things are no more than the reflections of finite manifestations of the image of love. True love is to live, to care, to appreciate, to celebrate life in every form. True love is to be a steward, parent, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, lover, and caregiver to all of creation.

What is altruism? Altruism is selfless love in action! Because love the whole world that God has given us, and  love ourselves because we are God manifested, to live in an altruistic manner isn’t so much a lifestyle, as it is the natural result of living a life of love. And when we cast away our pride, selfishness, and personal egos that would prevent a selfless love, Oneness is no longer considered a religious ideal, but the natural inevitability of selfless love.

Oneness and Selfless Love, manifested in life as a genuine altruism, isn’t just the life choice of monks, nuns, or ascetics; Oneness through Selfless Love is the true path for all of us, because deep down inside, we are all part of God, whether we choose to accept it or not!


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  4. Excellent! A burst of brillance! This aspiration will require great focus and determination.

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