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Hidden Knowledge

In the realm of spiritual thought, there are many aspects of spirituality, mythology, or religious philosophy that are variously referred to as “hidden knowledge”, secret knowledge”, etc., creating the perception that certain spiritual truths are being deliberately hidden from ordinary humans, either by God or some other religious authority. Religions and philosophies who’s members claim to be privy to such knowledge are as diverse in number as the cultures that saturate this world; religious philosophies particularly infamous for their claim on such knowledge include Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, Pythagoreanism, Buddhism, and the Children of the Law of One.

But what is commonly misunderstood about this “hidden knowledge”, is that the knowledge is not being hidden from us by God, Satan, religious leaders, or any other spiritual agency. If the knowledge is hidden from all but a select few individuals, it is because the vast majority of people hide this knowledge from themselves! As the author of “The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis” noted, the majority of people suppress certain truths about their purpose and hidden potential, with most people suppressing it so deep inside that they don’t even know that they know that they don’t know.

Deep inside, we all have this “hidden knowledge” buried within us, just waiting to be discovered and utilized to tap our “hidden potential”. Yes there is some spiritual agency hiding the truth from us, but it’s not the government, the Catholic church, God or Satan– it’s you!

We all hide the truth from ourselves, and if we are to unlock our hidden potential, we must realize that which we already know. These “hidden truths” are actually some of the most obvious and simple of truths; they are so simple in fact that the simplicity of them provides the perfect camouflage that prevents all but the spiritually pure in heart will be able to see them!

The answers to life, the universe, and everything are right there in front of you, right underneath your nose, and they can all be summed up thusly: The Oneness that Comes From Selfless Love.

There it is- the key to all of the “hidden truth”, summed up in one simple phrase. But such a phrase is useless to those who have not yet realized it– by “realize” I’m not referring to the acknowledgement of knowledge, or of the “truth” thereof. I’ve known these things in my head for a long time ago, and filled it all away in my brain as “very interesting information”. But it’s a big difference to know and accept, and to take to heart. So long as you do not recognize the true value of Oneness and Selfless Love, and the importance of putting this incredibly essential virtue into action, and make it your life’s purpose to manifest it, this phrase is of no more use than some stuff you memorized just to pass a test in college. Sure you know it and understand it, but until you have recognize its value and applied it to your life accordingly, it’s just data, nothing more.

The true “hidden” knowledge, referred to in philosophical circles as “esoteric” truths, are that simple, that obvious– so right there in front of us, that we see right past it, the complexity and resulting corruption of the human condition rendering it humanly impossible to appreciate. But deep down, we’ve all known these things all along. We were just too blind to our true selves to see it.


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