Crack the Shell of Reality!

A New Leaf

It’s a long story, which I’m sure I will tell you all eventually, but for now, I’ll cut to the chase: I’m turning over a new leaf in this stagnating life of mine, and getting reading to epitomize my own epiphany, by being homeless. Yes, I’m going to be homeless soon, and it’s not a situation I’m being forced into either– it’s my choice. I want to be homeless, because I know it’s the only way I’ll be able to wake up to my true nature.

Through the desperation and intense savagery of experiencing the cruel, cold world– as only one who has been homeless has known, I can finally experience life in its raw, unsheltered state. By being homeless, I will awaken my own creative genius, and muster the motivation I need to start living life instead of just pretending to.

Well, at least that’s the plan.

When I started writing this post, I intended to write about something completely different– something more grandiose, poetic, and awe-inspiring. But I guess I don’t have it in me anymore. I’m a fatalistic soul trapped inside an idealistic persona– well, something like that.

The real reason why I chose to become homeless, is because it’s the closest I’ll ever get at this point in my life, to satisfying my personal needs: as an artist, as an observer, as a revolutionary. The society we live in suppresses artists, hates revolutionaries, and is completely unoptimized for observers. So if I am to satisfy my needs– my cravings as a person, I must do so outside of the confines of society.

I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I do know it will be to a better place than I am now. I feel wasted, trapped, fake, and corrupt. My life has no meaning as things stand now, and somehow the traditional life isn’t good enough. In the future, I will likely settle down with a family, become satisfied with the society we live in, and grow old in the most romantic sense. But for now, I must explore, ravage, devour, and regurgitate (in creative form) all that is the world, so that when the day finally comes when I do settle down, that I will be sure to have no regrets.


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