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As far as I know, this system of government is my own invention (there’s not yet a Wikipedia article for it!), so I’ll define it for you here:

Academocracy is a system of government in which voting can only be done by individuals possessing sufficient expertise in the area(s) being voted upon; in an academocracy, the people’s ability to vote is restricted according to their knowledge, where such expertise is systematically proven using standardized tests.

This policy is extended to the leaders that are voted in: A politician can only be eligible to run for a political office in which they have sufficient expertise in; although this is confirmed through a test, it’s also preferred that the politician have formal degrees in these areas as well.

The foundational philosophies of Academocracy as system of government are Meritocracy and Utilitarianism.


Comments on: "Academocracy" (1)

  1. So, is the standard of “enough knowledge in the given field” determined by democracy? If not, it could quickly become a very elitist society, and the problem with that is that what constitutes as enough knowledge can be changed by those in power to mean “knowledgeable, and sharing the same views about issues as those in power”… which basically distorts your academocracy into a warped monarchy.

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