Crack the Shell of Reality!

In this world, we are being held siege by the most unlikely foe: Status Quo.

It’s not anything that you can see by just looking around…In fact, most people may never see it in their lives. Not really see it, anyway. But this crucial blind-spot is going to be obliterated…


That is after all one of the missions of the Epiphany Project.

In the name of maintaining the status quo, businesses have gone to the gutter, The U.S. has indulged in luxuries it cannot afford, Israel has continued to wreck havoc just to get a bit more land, Politicians have continued to support dead business models and obsolete social frameworks.

In the name of maintaining the status quo, we have let our educational system go to waste– the largest and most advanced educational system in the world can now scarcely keep up with the third-world India.

We have the money, the facilities, and the opportunity, but it all goes to waste because we are afraid to use the resources we have been given.

Because we are afraid to commit– afraid to “bet” everything on a successful future, we (and not just the U.S.!) are beginning to stagnate. If we don’t use the resources and opportunities that have been made available to us, we will mold, rust, and wither away.

The world is evolving and changing, and all the while becoming self-aware. Gaia has acquired a consciousness, and if we remain idle any longer, only madness and fear await us.

If we are to have a place– somewhere that we all belong in this world, we need to keep up with it. We need to press forward, live aggressively and whole-heartedly (no compromising)– live as if our lives depend on it! For those of us that have our whole lives ahead– that is after all the inevitable truth.

This world is changing– do you want to be left behind?

If you do, go start your own country. Or better yet, find the utopia that someone else has started. There are some people more suited for the primitive lifestyle, and I don’t blame you if you are one of them. Part of me still yearns for that kind of idealistic world, after all.

But for the rest of us, the time to change is now!


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